Giprozavodtrans, open join-stock company
Designing facilities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Giprozavodtrans

We perform complex projects for:

New construction, widening, reconstruction and technical re-equipment (technical retooling):

  • locomotive rebuilders and electric locomotive rebuilders;
  • plants for repair and production of:
    -freight and passenger rail cars,
    - electric trains,
    - refrigerator cars,
    -track machines;
  • plants for production of:

    - track switching equipment,
    - spare parts,
    - electrical products,
    - concrete sleepers and rail fastenings.

  • rail welding plants;
  • treating plants;
  • locomotive and car sheds;
  •  landfills for burial, recycling and disposal of solid domestic waste

We design also:

  • heat-generator rooms;
  • boiler rooms;
  • compressor rooms;
  • treatment works of industrial effluents and stormwater drainages;
  • storage facilities;
  • separate workshops:
    - for repair and configuring;
    - diesel;
    - for electric machines with treatment departments;
    - apparatus rooms;
    - for trucks;
    - for wheels;
    - forge shops;
    - machine shops;
    - mechanical-repair departments;
    - electrical repair shops;
    - wood-working shops;
    - paint shops;
    and other auxiliary facilities.

We develop

nonstandardized equipment.

For underground railway

We develop project documents for construction of:
  • mechanical-repair plants for repair of construction machinery;
  • storage facilities;
  • electric car sheds;
  • plants for repair of electric cars;
  • combined workshops for repair of tunnel equipment.

The company's activity is oriented on the achievement of reliable and quality result, protects interests of the customer and is the guarantor of applied technical solutions.

When developing the project documents the institution pays much attention to the introduction of advanced technologies, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes, best practices, saving fuel and energy resources as well as other resources, efficiency of taken decisions and quality of scientific and technical products according to the quality system ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004.

Compliance with all norms and standards when designing, consideration of the rational use of areas, minimization of expenses for construction are based on the professionalism of the employees and ability to implement the projects of any level of complexity.

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Kharkiv 61052, Ukraine
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