Giprozavodtrans, open join-stock company
Designing facilities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Giprozavodtrans
Theater begins with a hanger and a plant from project
Complex works for large industrial enterprises is our forte. We “drove” the locomotive to the market of industrial designs – our institution was established in 1931 exactly for designing of plants in the transport industry.
For more than 80-year history over 500 plants and separate objects including those in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan were built, widened, reconstructed and technically re-equipped according to the project documents of the institution.
The market continues to impose its conditions and Giprozavodtrans OJSC makes headway. Study of new technologies and software products is a compulsory condition for further development.
What does the work do to us?
* Increase in output by the available area. WE HAVE READY SOLUTIONS allowing a company to introduce modern production on a SMALL AREA.
* Increase in ENERGY SAVING due to introduction of modern technologies.
* Improvement of ECOLOGICAL component – decrease in the volumes of emissions by increase in the volume of output.
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